OUT SOON: Mortuary Drape - Dance of Spirits /// Necromass - Ordo Equilibrium Nox Split LP & CD

The founders of Italian flagged Black Metal unite ...

Mortuary Drape - Dance of Spirits /// Necromass - Ordo Equilibrium Nox

OUT NOW: Tiamat - Skeleton Skeletron // Tiamat - Judas Christ // Tiamat - Prey

Far more than a decade after their first release, we are now proud to present you the second vinyl-editions of TIAMAT'S all-time diamonds "Skeleton Skeletron", "Judas Christ" and "Prey" under exclusive license from Century Media Records.










OUT NOW: Agrath - Thy Kingdom Come

Occult Black Metal from the USA
feat. members of Negative Plane / Ominous Resurrection

MORTUARY DRAPE & NECROMASS Together for a split CD

MORTUARY DRAPE e NECROMASS, due band storiche del metal italiano, tra le prime a dare vita al movimento black metal tricolore, hanno deciso di intrecciare le proprie storie dando vita ad una produzione congiunta e targata Funeral Industries, etichetta tedesca che negli ultimi anni ha già pubblicato le ristampe dei vecchi lavori e l'album della reunion dei Necromass.

Si tratterà dunque di uno split-album, la cui data di uscita non è stata ancora annunciata, del quale i dettagli verranno forniti a breve.

MORTUARY DRAPE and NECROMASS, two cult bands of the Italian metal scene and founders of the Italian flagged black metal, decided to join forces to give birth to a united production that will be released by Funeral Industries, which has already reissued Necromass' old and reunion album in the last few year.

It will therefore be a split-album, which release-date hasn't been announced yet, while further details will be given shortly.






OUT NOW: Urgehal - Ikonoklast (SPLATTERED DOUBLE-LP)

IKONOKLAST is the most mature, varied and well-executed Urgehal album ever.
"What exactly is black metal?" URGEHAL´s IKONOKLAST! In your fucking face!!!

OUT NOW: Naglfar - Harvest (MARBLED-LP)

As soon as the opening broken chords ring out you know you have something great with this album.
Quietly ominous the sound is and gives the sense of an oncoming maelstrom, which is exactly what you get!

OUT NOW: Naglfar - Pariah (SPLATTERED-LP)

The utter sound of hatred and disgust is put into every lyric.
With PARIAH Naglfar paint a picture of warfare and post-Armageddon doom.

OUT NOW: Black Capricorn - Cult Of Black Friars (PIC-LP & CD)
Black Capricorn - Cult Of Black Friars (PIC-LP)The highly anticipated new analog opus of Sardinia's premier Doom-Metal-outfit Black Capricorn is now available!!!
There are 300 copies on very unique picture-vinyl cloaked in gloom and invisible magic - don't
hesitate; kill the king and save the witches!
"The time of the Lord has arrived... yours ends here."

The Cult of Black Friars out now also on CD!

OUT NOW: Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (CD) & T-SHIRT

Svarti Loghin - Never Mind The Emptiness Ominous Resurrection's debut album finally out on CD on Funeral Industries.


• ...And the Black Sun Shines...
Seven Trumpets of Doom
The Omen of the Banshee
Lifting of the Veil
Astral Nightmare
Ominous Resurrection
Coronation of the Serpent

Get your copy now!

Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (LP) = SOLD OUT
Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (T-SHIRT) = AVAILABLE

Also available: T-SHIRT/CD-Bundle:



OUT NOW: Svarti Loghin - Never Mind The Emptiness (CD)

Svarti Loghin - Never Mind The Emptiness On their 5th full-length, Svarti Loghin sound more spheric than ever.
Take a look over your shoulder - at mesmerizing acoustic landscapes and
crystal clear soundfalls of canalized energy.
Let the tunes guide you...

Interview with Dave Krocker and Ted Venemann from Yidhra

OUT NOW: Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (LP)

Ominous Resurrection - Omniscient (LP)A project of D.G. of Negative Plane, Ominous Resurrection revives the flame of old  Black Metal, conjuring the darkness, mystery, and mysticism that once ruled in the genre. 
"Omniscient" is a journey into the darkest corners of the human mind; the great gates of Hell shall open for the initiated.
Omniscient are those who broke the chains of religious dogma, Omniscient are those who  received the wisdom of Lucifer, and Omniscient are those who carry the flame of Satan
in their hearts!

OUT NOW: Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore (LP)

 Leviathan - True Traitor, True Whore (LP)The latest masterpiece of Leviathan finally out on vinyl for the first time.
Black, white and true.
No further description necessary.

OUT NOW: Dodsferd - A Breed Of Parasites (LP)

Dodsferd - A Breed Of Parasites (LP)Greece's tyrants of negativity and desparation decided to have their most uncompromising album out on vinyl - and we decided to go for it!

Burn the symbols of your GOD, flock!


YIDHRA"Hexed" is the long awaited 9-song follow-up to 2009's critically acclaimed self-titled EP and was recorded at Skull Seven Studios in North Hollywood, CA by legendary producer Bill Metoyer (SLAYER, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, TROUBLE, ARMORED SAINT, DARK ANGEL, SACRED REICH, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, D.R.I.)